Electronic Flight Bag

Graphic depicts paper based EFB and how it has moved to electronic.

Have you really gone paperless?

We speak to a lot of operators across the globe who have made the leap by investing in Electronic Flight Bag technology. This isn't unusual or surprising...

The Electronic Flight Bag app is displayed on two devices. One screen is displaying Crew Briefing on a white background in landscape and the other on a black screen in portrait.

What are the classifications of EFB?

The task of choosing an Electronic Flight Bag can be complicated for some operators. There are many factors to consider including which classification is...

Two male flight dispatchers using the Electronic Flight Bag app on a device as an airplane takes off overhead.

Paperless cockpit requirements

It's no secret that introducing an EFB onto the flight deck is far from easy, especially if you are embracing a fully digital platform and upgrading from...

Two tablet devices display skybook Electronic Flight Bag flight briefing data

The Electronic Flight Bag revolution - do you know what you need?

The reality of it is, EFB's aren't new - there, we said it. The very first versions were created as far back as the 90's by pilots making use of laptops...

Air Tanker pilot in the cockpit of an aircraft reaching overhead to flick a switch during the pre-flight check.

Benefits of the Electronic Flight Bag

Bytron Electronic Flight Bag is used by a number of airlines globally but just what are the benefits for airlines using EFBs? For many pilots, the idea...

EFF or EFB – Don't get bogged down by acronyms

The Electronic Flight Bag is nothing new, in fact we launched our first version back in 2007 which seems like a whole different era now, but with so...

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