Electronic Flight Bag

skybook’s electronic flight bag brings you the most complete EFB solution for digital briefing, journey logging, reporting and analysis

Bytron Aviation Systems have always been early adopters of new technology and our first Electronic Flight Bag solution actually went live in 2007 when others were still doubting the need to reduce the reliance on paper crew briefing packs.

Our latest Electronic Flight Bag solution is engineered to be easier to use than the paper it replaces, and will integrate fully with other systems to create a truly collaborative solution that will directly reduce aircrew workloads and will improve the reviewing, recording and sharing of vital flight information across every sector.

Available as a stand-alone application, as part of the powerful skybook flight management system, the Electronic Flight Bag has been developed using over 30 years of aviation experience and most importantly, in conjunction with those who need it the most - pilots.

That's why we are confident that it's an application that directly addresses the challenges and frustrations faced by those on the flight deck each and every day. 

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skybook digital briefing packs have been ahead of the game from the outset, offering an unrivalled flexibility that allows information and functionality to be tailored specifically to each operator and featuring every piece of vital detail that once required 50lbs of paper for each pack.

Using detail taken directly from the OFP as the basis for each briefing, skybook automatically generates all required information for the route being flown. The information is reviewed in line with operator settings and minima, and all potential problems are intuitively highlighted throughout each section of the pack, greatly reducing the chances of vital information being missed.

We understand the pressures faced by pilots when it comes to preparing for each flight and our application directly addresses these by letting our proven technology share the burden.

Our briefing packs are already in use across the globe passing IOSA and State Authority audits, having also been accredited by numerous airlines and CAA's.


The image shows the Electronic Flight Bag in use. A tablet displays a digital briefing pack on its screen. The data displayed includes weather information at different airfields along with  NOTAM, TAF and METAR notifications..
The image shows the Electronic Flight Bag being used. A tablet displays the crew members section of the Journey Log. The screen has logged a name, on duty and off duty times.


We understand the need to capture concise, accurate data throughout each flight - we also know that there is nothing easier than writing this detail directly onto the OFP when sat on the flight deck.

But the easiest way isn't always the smartest way of working and that's why our comprehensive Journey Log has been engineered to deliver a smarter and more accurate way for aircrews to record all vital information during the flight which in turn can be securely shared at the touch of a button with operations, maintenance, and with other core systems as required.

Once the flight is completed, a detailed flight summary is created and transmitted in near real-time back to the skybook Record Vault where it is securely stored and can be accessed and reviewed right away by flight operations and management.



Remove the need for printed material and reduce your carbon footprint by switching to our digital crew briefings. Crews will have access to detailed briefing material and real time updates via our app. The app is available across Apple, Android and Windows devices delivering a user interface that is second to none and makes a paperless flight deck possible.


Record waypoint information with our truly interactive Operational Flight Plan and generate a fully digital journey log by utilising our crew, de-icing, ground services, delays and commanders reports modules.


Upon internet connectivity, our EFB solution will sync all logged journey data with the ground-based web portal, creating a repository of flight information that can be instantly accessed and used for reporting. No need to wait for paper reports to come back.


The skybook Flight Operations Portal analyses journey log data, providing insightful management reports based on actual flight performance, helping you to understand every aspect of your flights from departure to destination.

Why not build additional functionality and information into the skybook EFB by integrating with other core systems and data feeds?

We’ll configure our Electronic Flight Bag in-line with your specific operational requirements to ensure your crews have access to the information they need for each flight without having to constantly load multiple applications.

One App offering endless possibilities...

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